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Andros is among the destinations that be loved in 2021

The list of readers of the New York Times with the places that one can love in 2021 includes the island of Andros. In particular, the island of Cyclades occupies one of the 52 valuable places on the recent list. The article, written by Maria Dal Pan, author, is entitled “Hospitality is in the heart of the island” and reveals the strong emotional “bond” with the destination. Among other things, he states that Andros has not ceased to maintain its authenticity over the decades. “I went to Andros for the first time, the island where my family comes from, in 1992, the year before I went to high school. It was all magical. My cousin Giannis and I went around day and night. We woke up in the morning and went for a swim and in the evening we went out and danced with the new friends we had made.
The island was full of life “, the author narrates and continues:” I returned in 1996 and Giannis had cancer. And although I remember 1992 as if it were yesterday, even what I was wearing and where we were going, I have a hard time remembering the second trip. John was admitted to the hospital and underwent chemotherapy and died a year later. In 2017 I returned with my children and with relief I found that little had changed, although there were things I had not noticed, such as the museum of contemporary art and the cinema. It is such a warm and welcoming place and the scents of flowers emerge in the air. Now my children are looking forward to returning.
“This great distinction has double value and importance, if we take into account that Andros is the only Greek destination that hosts the list and that the selection criterion was to single out all the places around the world that managed to inspire, satisfy and relax travelers. , under the adverse conditions of the previous year. We warmly thank the excellent author of the article, all our friends for their trust, as well as the organizations that contribute daily to the promotion of Greece, such as the EOT Offices and our Consulate General in New York “, the deputy mayor told APE-MPE Of Tourism of the Municipality of Andros, Nikos Moustakas. It is noted that Andros occupies the 25th among 52 destinations such as Wales, India, Iran, Colombia, Egypt, Spain, Costa Rica, Senegal, England, Morocco, Iceland, Jordan, China, Scotland, Mexico, USA, Burkina Faso, Paraguay, Lebanon, Russia, Romania, Australia, Peru, Pakistan, Norway, Canada, Caribbean, Japan, Philippines , New Zealand, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa and Finland.