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Andros: The best island in the world for naturalistic and cultural experiences

At the top of the list of the 7 best islands in the world for naturalistic and cultural experiences, according to the travel website Wanderlust Marriage, is Andros. The travel site specialises in unconventional destinations and is read by thousands of couples in the US and UK.

The author of the list, who has received awards for his writing from the Association of Travel Writers of North America, traveled with his wife to dozens of places on the planet in order to complete his research.

Thanks to its neoclassical architecture, Chora tis Andros exerts a special charm, while Batsi is considered the cosmopolitan fishing village that is “nestled” in a beautiful bay and surrounded by green mountains and a sandy coast.

The Panahrantou Monastery is “perched” on the northern side of Mount Gerakones and offers a spectacular view of the whole of island.

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